Do You Have Rocks in Your Head?

Fullerton’s School Districts think you do because they want you to cough up thousands of dollars over the course of the life of School Bond Measures J & K.

Both bonds say they’ll cost you $0.03 for every $100 in home value. Seems cheap, right? Wrong.

Here’s the actual math on what these bonds will cost you:

According to Zillow the median home sale price in Fullerton is just shy of $650,000.

$0.03 for every $100 is $30 for every $100,000 in home value. So a $650,000 home (the median price) would just be $30 * 6.5 or $195. Per Bond.

That’s $195 for Measure J And $195 for Measure K.

$195 + $195 = $390/year that you will have to pay.

This will last for decades. So if the life of these bonds is 25 years you’re looking at $9,750. That’s $9,75o out of your pocket and this won’t satiate the beast. They’ll be back for more debt and more of your property in short order.

But wait – there’s more. You’re still paying for previous bonds. You’re still paying $195/year just for 2014’s Measure I.

And this math is for the MEDIAN home value. Live in a property worth $400k? Prepare to eat $6,000 over the life of these bonds. Live in a property worth $1Million? Prepare to eat $15,000.

Think you’re safe because you rent? Ha! The landlord isn’t going to just eat that tax – welcome to higher rents to offset their property tax increase. Your rent will just keep on goin’ up forever and ever amen.

If you vote for Measures J & K in March you’re voting to rob yourself of thousands and thousands of dollars all while the districts spend 80+% of their budgets on salaries & benefits.

To gift this new credit card debt, designed to pay for district wish list items, while over 1,150 district employees make six figures is insulting at best. While you’re still paying for their last spending spree is even worse.

You’d have to have rocks in your head to fall for this nonsense again.

Vote No on Measure J & K. Enough is enough.

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10 replies on “Do You Have Rocks in Your Head?”

Measure J is for the Fullerton Elementary School District. Measure K covers any city that resides within the Fullerton Joint Union School District…Fullerton, Brea, La Habra, Buena Park.

1. A Bond is a TAX, plain and simple. We will be paying another assessment – on top of the existing SEVERAL “bonds” that are already on our property tax bills. Don’t believe me, take a look at your recent property tax bill.

2. It will make housing less affordable for people raising a family.

2. We were lied to on the previous bond when their argument was that the raised money was to be spend on math, science, engineering, technology. That did NOT happen. It was spent on new football field at BP HS. There was already a good field there that was torn down. A new basketball gym at Sunny Hills. There was NOTHING wrong with the old one.

My family members are voting a big NO on J & K & 13.
Why are you calculating the market value of the property and not the assessed value, as they claim in the voter guide that we just got in the mail?

A bond is a debt to be paid off with new taxes. Bonds are the worst way to fund schools. Most of the money pays for interest on the debt, plus commissions & brokerage fees. The money that is retained by the districts goes only for capital projects–Not one cent goes to pay for teachers or instructional materials.
Our taxes will be going to Wall Street bankers and bondholders–not to local classrooms. And they are the ones funding this campaign.

Do you just have No on K signs? I don’t live in Fullerton but in the FJUHSD. So Measure J does not apply to me.

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