Who is Funding Measure K?

Your absentee ballot should have arrived in the mail already & we’re hoping you Voted NO! on all of the things. No on Prop 13 and No on Measures J & K.

Who is funding these bonds? Well, the Measure K people don’t want you to know because they’re breaking the law and refusing to file campaign finance statements as required by law.

But the reason for that might be because if you look at the data to make a decision you might find things such as who is funding Measure J here in Fullerton.

Measure K Funding

Thus far $28,000 has been disclosed in donations.

Of that $28K, $20,000 came from an Architectural Firm in Oklahoma that builds schools.

Another $4,500 came from vendors (two in the school supply business).

And ANOTHER $1,800 came from bureaucrats currently in the local school districts (that excludes teachers, just admin). You know, the folks currently bankrupting the schools with their pay/bennies.

This means that over 93% of the current funding supporting Measure J is coming from people who will benefit directly from your taxes being raised for the next 25+ years.

A quarter of a century of taxes so a few well heeled and connected folks can profit.

Stop being an ATM for these people. Vote No on J & K and all of the things.

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Where did you get this information. Please add a link. I did not see this on any of the usual campaign disclosure sites. – Thanks

I voted against anything that included bonds, upping taxes, schools, etc. We have voted SO many times for bonds to support our schools. I’d like to see an independent audit to find out where all that “money for schools” went, including the lottery which was supposed to benefit schools! No matter how much money they throw at schools, California still has almost the worst schools in the country, bested only by (I think) Mississippi.

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