Measure K is Breaking the Law, Again

In politics they always say “Follow the Money” which is why campaign finance laws are a thing. Knowing who is paying for a campaign can give you a lot of insight into why they want to win.

Which brings us to Measure K, yes another tax in the form of a bond being voted right now thanks to absentees and early voting.

Despite voting ending tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3rd, we STILL have no idea who is funding Measure K. Why? Because just like they broke the law to use a public resource to influence the election (by bribing Troy High students with graduation tickets to walk for Measure K), they’re breaking the law AGAIN by not disclosing any of their funding.

As of right now, 1:30AM on Monday, March 1st, the day before the election this is what is on the CA Secretary of State’s website:

“No contributions received found.”

The same issue is happening at the county level. Nothing in LA or OC.

What are they hiding? Who is funding Measure K? Why are they breaking the law, AGAIN, to pass this thing? Who benefits? Because it mostly certainly won’t be our kids.

Vote No on the School Bonds. No on J & K.